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Yes your glasses are real. I sell them and actually own the exact same ones you just bought.The Costa 580 Green mirror is actually a copper based lens with the mirror.  The copper gives you more definition and a sharper image.  The mirror is not as defined as the wave 400 lens mirror that blocks your eyes, so be careful checking out the  

The older models of the alutecnos had a c-clip inside the nylon handle that was not stainless steel, so it corrodes and that is what you get, your handle popping off.  They redesigned it and put a stainless screw to hold it down.  I haven\'t had a problem since the fix.  Call up Alutecnos, they are aware of the problem and where pretty good at not charging for the new parts.  They will be at the show, but without any parts on hand to fix it.  If you have any other Alutecnos, ask them for parts to replace all of them so it doesn\'t happen again.As to the drags, I haven\'t had a problem with them and we have been fishing with them for 2 years, cathcing yellowfins, sails, groupers, you name it.If you have any questions, give me a call.

General Fishing Information / Re: What happened to Ande \"Split Shot\"
« on: October 04, 2005, 06:37:20 PM »
Quote, originally posted by Split Shot »
Thanks guys!

Now I\'m looking for a suitable brand for light to medium tackle. 10-15lb. range. Looks like Momoi smallest is 16 and the 20 which should be great on my bait casters. Any advice for my Diawa emblems. Thanks agian.

Momoi Hi Catch ranges from 4lb and up. \"Hi Catch has the thinner diameter than the other brands\"

The Momoi Diamond Line goes from 12lb and up and has an incredible breaking strength.

They also just came out with a light green line called Momoi Illusion. It goes from \"i believe\" 6lb to 30LB.  It is like the diamond \"a lot stronger\" and has a little less stretch. I used it this past summer in the Bahamas \"16lb test\" and it held up great.\"i have also been using it in the everglades for some bass on 10LB\"

General Fishing Information / Re: Miami Boat Show \"Dr. Fish\"
« on: February 11, 2005, 08:10:54 PM »
Jeff,I will try to pass by to say hi to you and josh, if not come over to our booth \"2727\".

reel, from the airport you can take the 836 to miami beach and the boat show.  It is not that bad from there, pretty much a straight shot.

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Southeast--Fishing Reports / Re: Bimini Marlin 6/21/08 \"ChinchBug\"
« on: June 26, 2008, 12:15:50 PM »
Nice job on the blue. We released one Saturday morning as well, about 250-300lbs.  She didnt cooperate like yours did. We had her up at the leader in 1/2 hour but as soon as we grabbed the leader she came up showed only her dorsal fin and tail and the mate put to much pressure and pulled the hook. There have been some blues caught there in the past week, nobody fishes for deep was your bite, looks like you where just off north bimini right? What time did you hook up at?

I rent them for the Sword Tourneys just in case something happens.They have a broward location also \"I think\"

Exit Beeper & Wireless - http://www.exitwireless.com13835 S Dixie Hwy, Miami - \"305\" 256-8000Directions and more

Nice job Will, A friend of mine went sunday, didnt catch a hoo, but caught a couple small yellowfins, and some big dolphin.

South--Fishing Reports / Re: Slot Snook from last night \"Miss Guided\"
« on: September 05, 2008, 06:13:28 AM »
nice one Ben.

Tony,Like always you did a great job with the tournament. Everyone on the Marine Max/Persistence team had a great time. And it was funny you could hear us everytime we caught a mutton on Saturday night. Next time i will go on your boat so i don\'t have all that yelling in my ear.Unfortunately for us, we came in late the first day by 10min with a 40# king that was disqualified. The second day I decided to go blue marlin trolling. With no sleep, we put the spread out at 8am, at 8:15am the right long goes off, nothing jumped and the fish went straight down. She started fighting like a tuna, straight down doing small circles, then i see the line going due south, and i knew it was her. After a 1/2 hour fight on stand up we get the leader, pull her up snap a picture, we tried getting her in closer for better shots but the hook pulled.  She hit a select ballyhoo on a lil chugger.

South--Fishing Reports / Re: afternoon offshore...1/30 \"swordafishy\"
« on: February 01, 2008, 04:29:28 AM »
Nice job Wayne. Its good to see you are finally using the new custom sailfish rod for what it was made for.  I hope the luck stays with you for Saturday.

Congrats on the tournament.I know someone in the Ocean Reef Small Boat tournament on sat. caught a 44lb yellowfin around the same area you where fishing.

South--Fishing Reports / Re: Fishing in Los Cabos \"The Cat\'s Eye\"
« on: September 26, 2007, 10:05:24 AM »
Cabo is great. I was there in May for the IGFA Rolex and ended up in 3rd place. I will be there Oct. 20 for the bisbee.Rich, what boat are you fishing on over there? Good luck.

The LBA tourny is always a great time. The dock parties and beach parties are one of the best, and the people are top notch.

The lure that we caught it on was the same one i caught my 417lb blue 6 years earlier \"also my first\". It is the Williamson El dingo 11.5\" but i change the skirts from what they come with to some nicer looking and better colors.

South--Fishing Reports / Re: LBA Tournament - Bimin Blue \"sonic\"
« on: July 20, 2007, 05:01:46 AM »
We where working the kites betwenn 100\' to 400\', bumpint in and out. Depending on the tide, you will notice where the fish are hanging out. If you start catching the cudas, the kings are mixed in, that is usually where the bait is hanging out.  We had most of our action the first day about 150\'.  We did catch one of the sails in 650\' while we where fighting a tuna for 1 1/2hours. It took us out from 200\'. The tuna got sharked \"we only had 20# on the kite rods\". As soon as i saw that it was getting sharked 5 min. later i looked down and saw big nasty and told him to just lock it up till it pops.

Congrats again Chris, Ralph and the rest of the crew. A great catch on standup.

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