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Off Topic / Computer monitor problem and solution
« on: November 10, 2009, 08:44:16 PM »
So I can\'t get rid of the ghosting/blurring letters/numbers I see on my 19 inch lcd display. It was a big headache with Excel and web browsing. I know my near sight vision is perfect because I can still read microprint just fine. The auto correction on the monitor would often skew the display with wrong horizontal and vertical adjustment. Playing around with the clock and phase adjustment on the monitor control doesn\'t fix it. Adjusting it via the Invidia\"video card\" GeForce 6100 control doesn\'t do it, no matter which setting or combination of settings.I decided to upgrade to a 22 inch monitor since it\'s so cheap. I bought the monitor and figure I might as well replace the old VGA cable. Upon disconnecting the old VGA cable, I found that it was tie wrapped and bent pretty good. I replaced it and decided to plug in the old monitor. Problem solved, sharp as it can be. I plug in an even older 4:3 19inch LCD monitor, it too was very sharp. I thought it was old and getting out of sync. It turn out the kink cable was the root of the problem. So check that first if all your adjustment doesn\'t work.

Off Topic / HDTV Tuner: Samsung DTB-H260F
« on: November 10, 2009, 08:32:33 PM »
The 7 years old 53 inch Sony HD-Ready projection TV refuse to die and I\'ve been working too much to have time to watch cable TV. So I cancel Brighthouse and did some research and know I don\'t want those $50 DTA box since I want HDTV on my TV. I went to the local Best Buy and surprisingly, they had two in stock. It was hard to find over the internet. I bought the open box one since they gave me a $60 discount to bring it down to $120. I also bought the Terk amplified antenna to go with it since they offered to price match Compusa\'s price of $40.This set is definitely not to be used unless you have component of HDMI input. My Sony has the 1080i component input. After setting it up, I was shocked at the quality of free uncompressed HDTV broadcast. It picks up all the digital channels except for WFLA which took turning the antennae to pick it up. That was the only weak signal station in the St Pete area.My entertainment cabinet is cluttered with DVD players, Wii, Sony PSP, sat receiver, and an 8 years old Kenwood receiver that has 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital input and yes it does 5.1 and I paid dearly for it way back then. My $1500 M&K subwoofer still kick  even though I don\'t turn it up like I used too back in the day before Home Theater became the buzz word. I added and remove components over the year and that included HD-DVR cable box from Brighthouse and various DVD players.Anyway, I overhauled the entire system and dusted the cabinets and components since I now want to run optical digital audio from my dvd players and HDTV tuners to the Kenwood. The only problem I had was all four of them used OPTICAL digital audio out and the Kenwood only has 2 optical and 2 coaxial.No problem, I dusted of my MSB digital input switcher which is also 8 years old and I think I paid close to $400 for it back then. All it does is take the active optical input and route it to an optical out which feeds your receiver and yes I paid $400 for it  back in the days of Laser Disc .It has enough optical ins and optical outs as well as a couple of coaxial digital ins and outs. Yes I know I should junk the entire overprice system that can be easily replaced with a $500 Yamaha receiver but it ain\'t broke yet.So at 2 am, I can finally enjoy free OTA HDTV with 5.1 sound. All systems are go except I need to buy a few more Toslink cables. I went to Wal-mart this morning and they have the Phillips toslink 6ftr for $17. I bought two, and went home and check Ebay. There are plenty of them and they are $8 for 3 sets of 6ftrs with free shipping. So I ordered that too and will return the Phillips back to Wally world if the cheaper toslink cable work just fine.Anyway, if you have an older HDTV ready set with no HD Tuner, get the Samsung. The picture is great, and it even shows you what resolution the station is broadcasting. I get a mixture of 1080i, 720p on the HD channels and all of the 24hrs weather channel that every local stations decided they need one in 480i .March madness and Lost in HD    
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Off Topic / New Twist on a Scam
« on: November 10, 2009, 07:52:21 PM »
Now they are not browsing the classifieds looking for boats or cars for sale and sending you a fake check over the amount which you are instructed to cash and wire the remainder amount over Western Union or Money Gram.The new scam is \"mystery shoppers\".First they send you a small bait and see if you will bite. You are sent a small counterfeit cashier check\"$300-$500\" saying they are a mystery shoppers company and want you to do an assignment for them. You cash the check, buy a few items at big retailers, file a report, and get to keep $100 or so for your effort. You also get to keep the merchandise. After you send back the report, they mail you an irresistible large counterfeit cashier check. Instruction is the same except this time, you are instructed to wire some of it back via Western Union or Moneygram. Again you get to keep some money.Here\'s a sample letter that showed up at my business from a client wanting to cash a check. I told them to expect a chargeback and a call from the police from the previous checks that they had cashed.Note, the company name listed is an ACTUAL mystery shoppers company. The crook put real company name up top but the contact and address is different.

Off Topic / Pet surgery help
« on: November 10, 2009, 06:41:04 PM »
I have a 8 year olds Maltese/Poodle mix that has a tumour the size of a golf ball sticking out her left rear end. Anyone have good experience with Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialist in 1501 A Belcher Road ,Largo, FL? How about Noah\'s Animal hospital?The bad thing about this is that whether the tumour is malignant or benign, Tampa Bay Vet said they can\'t remove it entirely and there is a strong possibility that it will come back again. That\'s not what I want to hear when the treatment will be $1200-$1400 plus more after care bill. And I don\'t think chemotherapy after the surgery is what I want the dog to go through.Anyone have similar experience and can offer me some advice? I would really appreciate it.

Off Topic / Gun safety switch
« on: November 10, 2009, 05:43:03 PM »
When is a gun safety switch engaged? When the safety switch covers the red dot? Is it the same for all handgun. So when a red dot is showing, a gun is ready to be fired?

Off Topic / OT: #$@%^&&* SCAMMERS@#$%^^^
« on: November 10, 2009, 02:12:22 PM »
Sorry mod, I had to vent. Just saved an old lady $1500.00 2 minutes ago. I swear the state needs to file a class action lawsuit against Western Union to make them more culpable to all these frauds and scams that are targeting our elderly citizens. I am their agent and all they care about is collecting the 7% to 15% fee on the transaction. The state needs to make it a requirement for them to educate their agent and help weed out fraud. Right now they don\'t seem to give a damn since are not the victim. But what they are forgetting is that they are aiding the criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!   .Long story short, old lady walked into my office and wants to wire $1500.00 to some guy in Spain. I asked her if she was aware of all the frauds going around. She said no and I asked her what is the money for. She said she won the lottery and needs to wire the money in so they can start the paperwork. I sighed and told her very firmly that this is a SCAM and told her to put that money back in her account right away. It was obvious from the envelope that she just left the bank. I asked to speak to her husband but she said he doesn\'t know anything. I told her to tell him that this is a scam. Forget to tell her to tell her friends too at the next bingo meeting . Anyway, I made sure that she understands that this type of things are always fraud and to never send anybody she doesn\'t personally know any money.What\'s worst is that the agent could be unscrupulous and pocket that money by pretending to do transaction and printing false receipt, etc. It can be a daunting world for our senior citizens with all the crooks in the world.

General Fishing Information / $200 Navionic Gold for $5!!!!
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:12:03 PM »
Navionic sells the Gold Chart for $200 for most GPS capable chart plotter but for Iphone owners, it\'s only $5. That is an incredible price and I guess it makes sense to them since there are 10 millions Iphone out there.So I figure I got $5 to waste and downloaded the app just to have a chart to look at while away from the computer and my Garmin. It\'s not full feature but it\'s pretty impressive. The charts and depth contour are all there, the navigation could use some improvement and right now you can\'t enter your own waypoint. You can only mark them on the map or on your current location. But another $3 apps takes care of the navigation, bearing, distance, track, eta, etc.Here\'s several screen shots for you guys to look at:Here\'s the Gandy Redneck Rivera complete with rocky obstruction along the shoreline:Clicking on the search button brings up specialty POI that are marine related and brings up the nearby Tides and Current Stations:Here\'s the St Pete station complete with where it actually is:Clicking on the \"T\" brings up the graph and current condition:That alone is worth the $5. Clicking on the right arrow brings up the tide table plus moonrise, sunrise, sunset, etc and the option to add it to your favorite.Searching Current Station and selecting the Misener Bridge brings up the station and it\'s location:Clicking on \"C\" brings up the graph and table:The distance tool allows me to know how far to wade and which direction it is to the forum\'s redfish hole :The beauty of this is that you are not required to have a cell signal since it is entirely dependent on the built in GPS. So yes, you can use this offshore.

General Fishing Information / Hot New Mickey Mouse Lure
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:04:37 PM »
Normally I don\'t use any of the mickey mouse stuff when it comes to fishing but the lady who used it today caught a 15 AND a 16 inch Pompano. One look at the lure and she fell in love with it.So when can you shipped me some more of this limited production bonephish ?

General Fishing Information / Lit Up Pompano
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:03:59 PM »
Anybody catch one that is lit up like this one:I heard when they skipped they are brightly lit like above.
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The new ball jig is the new catfish killer I tell ya   .and more cat,With the occasional bycatch:He doesn\'t look that big in the picture but he was almost 14 inches.And one of the three shorts:This 12 incher hit the jig 3 times before he finally found the hook.I started at 7 am this morning and jig really slow because the outgoing tide was slowly coming to a halt and the fish seems more interested in the \"ball\" part of the jig than the teaser. Most fish hit a couple of time before they found the hook.Limit out by 9:30 just as the tide slack.Most were between 11-12 inches with a 14 incher at the bottom.

General Fishing Information / Informercial trip 6-14-08 Gandy
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:02:16 PM »
I forgot the camera the first trip and I\'m still waiting to get the pics from my friend\'s phone cam. This is the second trip testing out Bonephish new swivel jig. For the last 7 years, I\'ve been using Doc\'s jig with pink or chartreuse teaser and have caught hundreds of Pompano each year.The Pompano will hit the teaser 90% of the time and over the years, I became convince that the main purpose of the Doc\'s jig is to get the teaser to the bottom and to attract the nearby Pompano  with it\'s bright yellow color. When they move in for a close look, it is almost always the teaser that seals the deal since they look more like small shrimp/crustaceans or a piece of broken loose mussels or shells.So when I first saw Bonephish\'s flounder bullet jig, I said to myself that this looks like a killer Pompano jig and I can now bypass the Doc\'s jig and just attach my teaser hook with a split ring or simply open up the hook eye and attach it to the jig head before tying my flies/teaser. So I ordered some 3/8 and 1/2 oz in yellow and pink and tied a few.The very first fish caught on it was a trout followed by a flounder. The flounder was a complete surprise but they don\'t call it flounder bullet jig for nothing.So I was out this morning, camera around my neck, ready to give the jig another go.I was out at 7am and the tide was still slack. The first fish was a 17 inch trout that I took too long to take a picture off so I iced him.Next up was bluefish and they were thick this morning.After half a dozen bluefish, a little snapper wanted to be included in the species list:The tide started to move in good and Pomp #1 hit the deck:He was pushing 11 but I released him. Shortly after that, another Pomp, same size so back he went:I finally snag one of a gazillion sting ray that was cruising from piling to piling.Then Pomp # 3 hit the deck. He was pushing 12 inch so I got the dehooker and try to unhook him but then the swivel on the jig head broke off.A few more cast and I had Pomp #4, long and skinny.I iced him and went back jigging and caught an unwanted jack.Then a little seabass join the species list.A few minutes later, Pomp #5 hit the deck but he was just short.The bite died at around 9:30 and I didn\'t want to waste the shrimp I bought so I anchored up and iced two 12 inch snapper\"using 2oz sinker and circle hook\" before heading in at 10:30.Another day in paradise in West Central Florida  

General Fishing Information / Cabelas Bucks
« on: November 05, 2009, 07:00:42 PM »
Anybody have a Cabelas Bucks that they do not plan on using? Something like $20 off $150 purchase. Please IM me the code if you don\'t mind. Thank you.

General Fishing Information / Anybody seen this tackle box?
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:54:29 PM »
It is basically a holder for four plano 3600 size box. Wal mart used to carry them a couple of years back but I don\'t see it anymore. I want to mount them underneath my boat seat but can\'t find them anywhere. Boater\'s world wants $140 for something similar

General Fishing Information / Redneck Rivierra Angler of the year award.
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:52:01 PM »
Stole this from a buddy in the Capmel Forum. Funny as hell.1st off, this is a funny post...well at least I think it on!I put the noe in this afternoon about 4 armed with my rod, the tackle bag, bait, cooler, etc. it was a bit hot out to start fishing, but that was ok since I had a chest full o\' Red Stripes! I mainly wanted to get out and give the transom repair a good test, and I am happy to report the boat functioned flawlessly. I parked on the beach and sat there for awhile admiring the lack of scenery... I started to cruise the beach via trolling motor and thats when I saw it...Ive seen some crazy things on Gandy Beach in the last few years... a water spout, fights, cops, more fights, drunk women sand wrestling and enough pit bulls to make Michael Vick envious, but what I saw today took the cake!.I watched a guy spool up a new reel that I assume he just bought. He laid the rod down and used his net to try to get some bait. After a few casts he got enough to put in his bait bucket, and he walked back to his rod. is the shocking part...He walked out to the channel with his new rod, and low and behold he baits the hook, takes a cast, and puts his rod in the rod holder....that was under water.I must have cried I was laughing so hard!!! All you could see was about 2 feet of \"rod\" sticking out of water, and I could tell it was an ugly stick by the translucent top....I trolled over to snap a quick pic, and the guy waved at me. I jokingly asked him how that new \"disposable\" reel was working for him...he gave me a funny look as I trolled away.....Brace yourself folks, here are the pics!!!!!!
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General Fishing Information / Wavecast:First Impressions
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:45:45 PM »
No I did not test it. Fedex just handed to me an hour ago.Now I know why Sam didn\'t want to test this reel. Obviously it did not meet his standard and he did not want to bash a sponsor. So I\'ll be happy to do it for you Sam.   Here are some pics, you guys give me your first impressions:First off, the handle is not befitting the drag. It has such a nice handle but a beefier drag is needed. Drag is 3 metal washers with 2 felt washers.Mag drag is maybe 5lbs at most but it stutters at setting above 3lbs. Drag went from 3lbs to 5lbs with half a turn. The range of drag adjustment is much better with a 2000 size Exceler. The reel is size between a 2000 and 2500 size Exceler. To compare distance with a 3000 size reel would be unfair to the wavecaster.Stay tune but it looks like nightmare with 10lb braid. But looks can be deceiving.

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