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Bill - Did the StarTron dosage change?
« on: April 06, 2011, 11:18:05 PM »
Saturday I bought a new 8oz bottle of StarTron. Today I saw in the Tractor Supply ad that they had 8oz bottles of StarTron on sale for $4.99 so I went and picked up two bottles. As I was putting it on the shelf next to the other new bottle I noticed the \"treats XX gallons\" tag on it was different. It says \"Treats 48 gallons\". The bottle I picked up Saturday and all other 8oz bottles I have purchased over the years all say \"Treats 128 gallons\". It says the same on the label. So I compared the dosage. For initial dosage the $4.99 8oz bottles say to add 1oz per 3 gallons. The other bottles say add 1oz per 8 gallons. For refills the dosage is 1oz to 6gals and 16gals respectively. Did something change? Are these $4.99 bottles a different strength? Here are pictures side by side to compare. I was happy with my $5 deal until I saw this. I normally pay about $8 a bottle. If I am getting that much less product per dose maybe it is not such a deal.

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