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Sandsprit Parking Tickets...
« on: May 21, 2011, 08:28:10 PM »
anybody else? Just started using Sandsrpit again, got there at about 7am this morning and all the regular boat parking was taken up, and few people even had the courtesy to take up two spots. Myself and three other guys went to  \"Additional Trailer Parking\" area, we all helped one another back in, the trailers were pushed down in the ditch, a MCSO was passing by and one of the other guys asked if we were all okay, deputy replied we were fine. Well got back to the ramp and every truck in our section, about 25 or so,  had a little red envelope with a $40 fine from MCSO! What the heck? We stood right there and asked a deputy if we were okay and he replied we were fine, then fines us? Not sure if this is a common occurence here and you guys have been dealing with it, or something new!